Testimonials of Thrifty Pest Control Inc in Littleton, CO

“When our children delivered a black widow to us in a water glass shortly after moving into a new home we made our first call ever to an exterminating service. So glad we selected Thrifty. They have provided exceptional, professional service to our home for more than 11 years. There are few folks I would ever trust to enter our home if we were not home - and Thrifty is one of them. Polite, thorough, professional, efficient and trustworthy. We depend on them and pray Pete never retires!”
“I had a bee problem in my chimney for three years. I had about given up. I was told that I would have to have the bricks and siding removed to get them out, to the tune of 900 to 1100 dollars. I saw Thrifty working at my neighbor's house and went to talk to him. He said he could do it for under 200 dollars. And he did. So far no bees are back, and it's guaranteed for the whole year. I am so happy my neighbor used them . I will use them again for any problem.”
“Pete was fast, same day service and didn't try to sell me anything extra. I am super pleased with the service! I got a warranty for the pest control work and will certainly use Thrifty again! Reasonably priced and seems to be extremely knowledgeable about his work!”
“I recently had a problem with mice in my house. I called thrifty pest control and 3 other companies. Their price was competitive and they came out the same day. Plus their guarantee was better than anyone elses. I am very satisfied with their professional service. I would use them again.”
“I called and got a hold of the owner on the first try, and had an appointment within 24 hours. He came and took care of my wasp problem within 30 minutes. They haven't been back since. I was very pleased with the service.”